Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, I know I said I would never start a blog. But I've just been in the mood to write about my funny little stories that have been happening since I now have 2 babies instead of 1. I say 2 because Audrey is only 20 months old, still in diapers, throws tantrums, and well is just learning to speak. However, now that we have Rushton, we really have found out new things about Audrey. Or maybe just things we didn't notice before. Anyway.... Hope you'll be as amused as I am about our daily lives.


  1. i love how you commented about "being special" about posting pictures and stuff!

    ha ha ha... u so funny chickedy!

    i can teach you lots and lots of easy peasy lemon squeezy stuff about your blog!

    i am so glad your blogging!


    love shell

    p.s. Rushton is CUTIE PATOOTY!!!!!!!!!

    i love him already!

  2. I'm excited too! I will feel like I can better keep up on whats going on with the Coon's. Life changes so Darn quick. Glad to see you part of the Blog world. Love you all!